Registration for ARTpayroll Employees Employees can register to use our website on-line !
To register, go to the employee registration web page and follow these steps:
  1. On the first web page enter your Social Security Number (with or without hypens) and your zip code, Click Continue.
  2. On the second web page enter your First name and your Last name, Click Continue.
  3. On the third web page, you will see your name, your address and your W-4 information, please verify it is correct.
  4. On that same page you will be asked to enter:
    • A user id and password. This information is NOT case sensitive.
    • 2 security questions and answers that will allow you to get your user id or password anytime should you forget.
  5. After entering all this information, Click the I Agree radio box and then Complete my registration

You will be automatically taken to the Employee Login screen and you can log on immediately.You should also receive two emails from support@ARTpayroll confirming your registration information and your user id.

User ID
Your User ID was created during the registration process described above. Unfortunately it cannot be changed.
The Password you provided when you registered for contains any combination of 6 to 20 characters, letters or numbers. If you have lost or forgotten your Password, you may click here Forgot your userid or Password? to setup a new password.

On this web page you will be required to enter your Social Security Number (if you have forgotten your user id) or your User ID.You will then be required to answer to the two security questions you set up during registration. None of the data you enter is case senstitive.

You may also change your Password at anytime online. Anytime your password is changed, an email will be sent to the email address associated with the User ID (an email address was provided when you register). If you receive an email indicating that your password was changed and you did not change it, please contact ART immediately.
Log in Errors
If you are experiencing an error when you attempt to log in, ensure you are entering the new Password you created when you registered or changed your password. If you have forgotten your Password, you can use our online Forgot your userid or Password? webpage to setup a new password. If you are still experiencing an error, contact us or call (603) 367-9955 for assistance.