Online Tickler Help

How do Online Ticklers Work?

Ticklers are our way of notifying a customer when use on commercials is going to expire. In the past, we have done this by sending you this information by regular mail and asking you to respond via mail or fax. For your convenience we have now put this information online so you do not have to pay for postage or faxing and you can respond to us at your convenience at any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Ticklers Notifications

Tickler information is updated on ARTpayroll at the beginning of each week. When you enroll for ARTpayroll you will begin receiving emails at the beginning of each week to inform you that your new tickler information is available for you to review and submit to ART.

In addition, for your convenience, you will also receive an email that contains a list of Holding Fees that will expire in 14 calendar days from the date posted in the email. This email is sent each week after the new tickler information is refreshed in your account.

You will also receive an email with Maximum period of use information for performers.

You may choose to stop receiving these emails at any point in time by going online and modifying your ART profile or sending an email to

Tickler Online Account Setup for your Organization

A tickler account can be set up for one or multiple representatives in your company. ARTpayroll was designed to allow multiple people within an organization to view the ticklers and respond to them.